The ‘Ring of Ireland’ is another exclusive design complementing the Blacoe collection.

Carefully selected illustrations adorn the band of this beautiful ring, each capturing a unique sense of history and time throughout the four provinces of Ireland; Connacht, Ulster, Leinster and Munster.

An explanation of the symbols adorning the ring:

THE WAVES define Ireland as an island nation. Their ebb and flow creating a surrounding aura of energy and movement symbolising the influence of Irish culture far beyond its shores.

THE MAP OF IRELAND enclosing its unique and varied landscape of rivers, lakes, peatlands, mountains and valley’s. While the four provinces of Ulster, Munster, Connacht and Leinster reflect a finer geographic, cultural, sporting, and historic sense of identity.

THE SPIRAL from the entrance stone at the ancient mound at Newgrange. The mound pre-dates the Egyptian Pyramids. These ancient secret symbols and stone maintain an enduring connection between Ireland’s past, present and future.

THE DOLMEN, its towering shape in fields and atop many hills. They are portals that make the ancient’s passage from this life to the next. Even today this sense of transition from one dimension to another is ever present.

THE SHAMROCK, the popularly adopted symbol of Ireland used by Ireland’s patron saint St. Patrick, to explain and represent the Christian belief of the Trinity. It represents the fusion of ancient pagan beliefs of many gods to the Christian belief of one god.

THE GREAT ROUND TOWERS OF IRELAND reaching to the heaven’s since early Christian times. Built by scholarly monks with a twofold purpose in mind, spiritual adoration to God and practical protection from enemies.Viking longships brought terror to many nations. In Ireland Viking invasions over the centuries changed from siege to settlement. Most Irish cities have their origin in Viking settlement and trade.

THE GREAT HIGH CROSSES OF IRELAND not only mark graves but also mark the ancient places of worship. The craftsmanship of their intricate designs can also be seen in the metalwork and ancient manuscripts of Ireland.

THE HARP, next to the shamrock is the other popular symbol of Ireland. While the shamrock icon is religious in nature the harp has become the cultural icon of Ireland. Used not only in the accompaniment of song but also in story to the heroic bardic tales.

CASTLES represent another transition in Ireland’s history. The stone castles of the Norman invaders replaced the ancient Irish dwellings of ring forts and crannogs. Over time the great Irish families adopted these to their style. Tradition tells us that Crusaders originally brought the “kissing” stone in Blarney Castle from the “Holy Land”. The belief is that it was the actual stone where the dead Christ’s head was laid. Legend tells us that its mystical properties bestow the “gift of the gab” to all that kiss it.The unique and world renowned

CLADDAGH RING symbol dates back over three hundred years to a man named Richard Joyce who lived in the Claddagh – a fishing village on the fringes of Galway City – from where he crafted the famous design. The heart in the design represents love, the crown portrays loyalty and the hands symbolise friendship.Ireland has become popularly known as the island of saints and scholars, however, it is also a land of dreamers and dancers. There are many types and strands of Irish dance, ancient steps are still performed alongside world-renowned modern Irish dance.

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