The Story of GalwayBlacoe Jewellers has exclusively created the "Story of Galway" ring designed to represent the historic sites and ways of life of Galway and its people.

Handcrafted in their studio workshops the Blacoe Story of Galway ring illustrates the famous features and landmarks of Galway in a continuous band of precious metal.

Available in platinum, gold 18ct, 14ct, 9ct and silver. Also available in diamond set. Other designs in Blacoe Story of Galway include a bangle, pendant, cross, cufflinks and a tiepin in gold 18ct, 14ct, 9ct and silver.
THE SPANISH ARCH dating back to 1584 was a welcome landmark for our ancestors and visitors from distant lands, who would know that their sea journey was safely completed, the most famous of these being Christopher Columbas.
THE GALWAY HOOKER is a boat unique in design to Galway fishermen. In the past its very distinctive shape on the horizons would be eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of the Aran Islands, as the strong westerly winds brought it closer to shore laden with food and supplies.
THE LEAPING SALMON not only represents mythical Ireland but also represents the bounty of the rivers and seas which sustained and nourished generations of Galway people and which now attracts numerous anglers and sportsmen from all over the world to fish in their clean, unspoiled waters.
THE HORSE represents Galway’s traditional love for all things equestrian. Galway and Connemara are renowned for their horses and ponies. Galway is also famous for the Galway Races held every summer in Ballybrit Racecourse for over a hundred years.
THE COAT OF ARMS represents one of the fourteen tribes of Galway who held office, ruling the city of Galway over five hundred years ago.
THE WAVES remind us of the power of nature that surrounds us. The sea not only fed and supplied a living to the people of Galway but in days gone by was the only link with traders and visitors from other countries.
THE CLADDAGH. The image of the hands clasping the heart under the crown which is uniquely a Galway symbol. The Claddagh Ring representing love, loyalty and friendship was created by Richard Joyce hundreds of years ago. This symbol of Galway is known and cherished all over the world and is still handcrafted by the goldsmiths at Blacoe Jewellers in their workshop on Shop Street in the heart of Galway.
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